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My dream is to to be able to make a change in this world, and the only way to do that is by making sure that everything I learn is going to be given back to the community. I want to create a system that is dedicated to educating the poor in many countries where pure raw talent is simply being thrown away due to the lack of resources. Help me make the world a better place!

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I believe web devleopment is an essential skill every computer scientist or coder should know or at least be familiar with. What's the point of making really cool things if no one knows about it? The best way to showcase your stuff and show the world who you really are as a person, is to create a name for yourself and stand out from the rest of the crowd. Since my life goal is to create my own tech startup that will facilitate the process of expanding technology across seas in order to help educate the poor, especially in countries where real talent and potential is being overlooked due to the lack of essential resources, I believe that the best way to come at least one step closer to that realization is through the web and it's foundations.



Treehouse is like the big brother I never had. It has been with me through every step of the way. Treehouse was one of the first resources I used when I first started my career down computer science. I still remeber the days when I would just code all day and watch my points go up as I screamed out of joy.


Code School

Codeschool was like the college accelerated version of a normal paced class. They teach very fast and straight to the point. I would occasionally come here to further advance my knowledge of a subject after I felt comfortable enough with the basics but still a little unsatisfied.



Codecademy was like the middleman between treehouse and codeschool. There really was no set pace, so it really helped me get down into the core of many programming concepts that have always been fuzzy to me. Since the majority of codecademy is labs and hands-on coding, it really helped me develop good programming habits.



Coderwall is like the linkedin of github, if that makes sense... It's essentially a way for programmers to get together and talk about code, get badges and share their coding wisdom! I love coming here to read some fantastic tips on ruby and various javascript frameworks.



I still remember the super frustrating yet fun times I had with this site. Codeeval is just like exercism in the aspect of giving users programming challeneges. There are a variety of languages you can complete them in and they rank you based on challenges completed around your location. Perfect way to test your coding skills.

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Okay, so I was trying to make a sample web app reflecting the React Native Mobile version I am currently trying to implement when I ran into a problem. I needed to set up some things only when a user was logged in. In order to do this, I needed some form of authentication. I…


I was recently creating a sample jukebox CLI where I can play music through the terminal. It was right there and then that it hit me! Why don’t I use the Spotify API? I immediately took it a step further and tried to use the spotify API to get the hottest tracks as JSON data,…


Today is an awesome day because I stumbled across something super awesome. To be honest, I didn’t even know how useful it was until now. Now that I started going over it and tried to understand it, I saw how it resembled the asset pipeline in rails. The asset pipeline can concatenate, minify and rename your…